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For nearly the past 20 years since our mission began in 1990, Cape Town Blinds has been providing hundreds of homes, families, businesses and entire centers with unique custom made blinds and supreme shutters. We strive for excellence in every project we set out to do, guaranteeing the best quality and proficiency in all spheres of service and craftsmanship. Cape Town Blinds takes pride in upholding its noble reputation, only sourcing materials from the best suppliers in the country to service all areas of Cape Town and the Western Cape. We sincerely make sure our customers stand before us with our Cape-renowned 1 year guarantee on every purchase. Whatever your décor needs, our gorgeous range of blind and shutter materials are bound to please! Cape Town Blinds is just one phone call away to having your ultimate interior dreams finished off with an exact fit window dressing solution.


Wooden Venetian Blinds build a bold, timeless look that will insulate your home and keep your windows looking classy.

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Our Custom Aluminium Venetian Blinds are made to last years and come in a broad selection of colours, at an affordable price.

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The most customizable option out of our product selection, Roman Blinds are not limited in terms of colour, texture or style.

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Bamboo Roller Blinds always humble an interiors appearance, giving you a slice of eco-friendly Bohemia every single day.

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Our custom shutters will put your blinds to shame, doubling as a security system as well as a sophisticated interior finish.

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Create clean lines inside your interior with our custom Vertical Blinds, the number one choice of blinds for modern office blocks.

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We’re a team of experts that have been providing homes and offices with premium custom blind and shutter solutions throughout the Western Cape since 1990.

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The Cape Town Blinds team was amazing! They had a huge selection of designs that we could choose from and were really friendly the entire time. I highly recommend them.

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Types Of Blind Materials



Blinds can be made from almost any kind of wood and can come in many colors. Wood blinds are popular due to their warmth. However, they can be difficult for rooms with high humidity or moisture like bathrooms. Wood blinds can be used on any size window, but they are more suitable for large windows because wood slats are lighter than faux wood. Wood blinds can be more expensive than metal or synthetic blinds. They also require more maintenance. You cannot use harsh chemicals to clean them. Otherwise, wood can be damaged.

Faux Wood

types-of-blinds-vector-6546874Faux wood blinds can be made in two styles: one has a synthetic core and real-wood veneers while the other is synthetic through the entire thing. Faux wood blinds can be used in bathrooms and kitchens because they are extremely durable and resistant to moisture. “Faux wood blinds are a great option for bathrooms and kitchens because they have the appearance of real wood, but at a very affordable price.”


Metal blinds are made from aluminum and reflect light well. If you live in a tropical area, metal blinds might be a good choice. They are durable and easy to maintain. They can be noisy and can cause injury to anyone who comes into contact with them.


Vinyl blinds, which are often made from PVC, are the most cost-effective of all the materials. However, they don’t always look quite as elegant as faux or wood. You can get them in different textures and colors, and they even have the appearance of wood. They are not the strongest material for blinds but they are flexible and less likely to rip.

How to Measure Inside Mount Blinds?


The inside mount window treatment is installed within the frame or casing of your windows. They provide a clean, sleek look that will showcase your window sizes and moldings. These are the steps to measure for inside mount blinds.

  1. Take measurements of the depth of your window frame. This measurement is necessary to ensure that your window recess meets the minimum requirements for an inside mount. Refer to the Mounting Requirements section to see the window treatment that you have chosen to make sure your window meets the requirements for an inside mount.
  2. The width of your window should be measured at three points: the top, middle, and bottom of your window opening. Circle the narrowest measurement. This will be your window’s width. Record the width of your window at the top for vertical blinds, roller blinds and solar shades.
  3. The height of your window opening should be measured in three places: right, left, and center. If you are measuring roller blinds, vertical blinds, or solar shades, use the smallest measurement. All other shades and blinds should be measured using the longest measurement.
  4. No deductions if you order at the exact size opening. The factory will make any necessary deductions during production.
  5. Double-check your measurements to ensure they follow the width and height format (WxH).

What to consider when shopping for blinds and shades

  • Privacy and light: You can decide if you prefer your room to be bright and airy, or cozier and “buttoned-down”. Blinds can tilt to let in the sun or block it. When they are closed, you lose some light. Shades come in a variety of fabric options, including ones that can light-filter or room-darken.
  • Your budget: Do you want to outfit a single window or your entire home? It may be worth spending more money on some windows and reducing the cost of others. Window treatments are priced according to their size. Larger treatments will likely cost more. Prices can also be higher for custom sizes, special patterns and features.
  • Safety Choose cordless styles if you have children Accidental strangulation is a major concern.
  • Cleaning: Blinds do not require professional cleaning. However, they can attract dust. Shades made from textured fabrics or weaves conceal soil better. However, cleaning shades can be more difficult — you can spot-clean and lightly vacuum, but larger messes should be left to the professionals.
  • Your decorating style: Are you looking for casual or formal, chic or comfortable? Bold colors can make a room stand out or be edgy. For rooms decorated with neutral or earthy colors, subtle hues will work well.

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