If you are fortunate enough to own a house or holiday home in Clifton, in the Atlantic Seaboard, it would be an honour for Cape Town Blinds to fit your property with sophisticated blinds or shutters to fulfil your décor desires. The pleasant micro-climate formed by the sub-tropical cliffs of the Cape facing the Atlantic Ocean is the prime feature of Clifton that make it an astoundingly beautiful location. Your shop premises, getaway paradise or sea-side chalet deserves the best look to reflect the inspirational oceanic views of Clifton.


As soon as you have a vision for what blind or shutter would best suite your requirements, contact one of our expert representatives to arrange a viewing appointment with you. A brief interlude later and Cape Town Blinds will be putting your dream into action, dressing up the interior in your style.

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Custom Blinds & Shutters For Clifton, Atlantic Seaboard

aluminium blinds in Somerset West

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

If you own a Clifton resort, guesthouse or want to add extra rooms to your property in Clifton, consider installing Aluminium Blinds to finish it off. Cape Town Blinds offers the finest Aluminium Blinds in an exclusive array of colours to best fit any interior. When the blind is closed using the rotator and drawstrings, it offers excellent insulation inside the room – keep the pad cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Highly durable, Aluminium Blinds could last you years and will greatly enhance any modern interior as a finish. Place an order with Cape Town Blinds today and we will be happy to assist you in achieving your look!

wooden venetian blinds cape town

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Bring the forest into your Clifton seaside abode, with Cape Town Blind’s exclusive range of Wooden Blinds, offered to all members of Cape Town and the Atlantic Seaboard. We can cater to any of your interior needs with a selection of premium quality wooden materials and finishes. The natural properties of wood make it a great insulator, which help to conserve energy and keep the cool inside during Summertime. Our finishes also ensure lasting durability and allow you to clean them quickly with a damp cloth. Contact us as soon as possible to place your order and make your interior look naturally gorgeous with our Wooden Blinds!

cape town sliding door vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

A classic and timeless choice for all offices in Clifton or any area in the Atlantic Seaboard, vertical blinds offer a unique perspective in interior design. The lines created by the vertical manner of the blind elongate windows and add a pleasant quality of order to the room. Also energy-efficient, insulating hot or cold air to your advantage all year round, vertical blinds could be part of your solution to reduce energy costs. Cape Town Blinds offers them in a wonderful array of colours to choose from to match the room best. Put them to the left or right and block out undesired light before working on the computer screen. If you would like to have custom vertical blinds installed in your Clifton property, call Cape Town Blinds right now and have us assist in providing you with a unique office interior solution.

roman blinds cape town

Roman Blinds

If you stay in Clifton or own a holiday house there and have a designer flair of your own, you may want to consider installing Roman Blinds to complete the look. Roman Blinds at Cape Town Blinds are 100% custom made, with your choice in the colour, fabric, texture, size and more. Insulate the place while claiming the space in a way that you want as opposed to what’s available! Roman Blinds never seem to go out of fashion, constantly trendy with a classic vintage appeal. Pull them up and down with the drawstring to minimize or maximize light in the room. Your uniquely tailored roman blinds could be ready next week if you place an order now.

made to measure outdoor bamboo roller blinds

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Depending on your style, a bohemian beach paradise could be exactly what you’re looking for when interior decorating in Clifton on the Atlantic Seaboard. Cape Town Blinds superior quality Bamboo Blinds give an eco-friendly, relaxed and more organic approach to your interior. The slats of bamboo in the design are packed tightly together to a reinforced structure, which enhances its natural durability and makes it a pleasure to wipe clean. Bamboo is practical and light-weight, easy to roll up or down in the form of our bamboo blinds. Order your custom bamboo blinds today and transform your Clifton getaway into a Boho paradise.

custom plantation shutters cape town


Probably the best interior choice for Clifton’s residents on the Atlantic Seaboard, shutters offer the maximum value combination between functionality and aesthetics. Elegant and fully customizable, create the shutter to make your home a dream come true. Choose the best colour and material to suite your needs. Shutters double as a security system, shutting you in and completely protecting you. They also provide the ultimate control over light, sound and heat, allowing you to block them out fully if you want to. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to tend to your shutter requirements and let us help you install your dream interior!

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We live in Clifton and purchased custom made shutters from Cape Town Blinds. We could not be happier! They have amazing service and great, high quality products. I recommend them to everyone!

We needed new shutters for our Clifton summer house. After searching around we found Cape Town Blinds and were really impressed by their wide selection and great service!

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