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Cape Town Blinds has exclusive products to offer the residents and business folks of the constantly buzzing City Bowl. Wedged between the waterfront and Table Mountain, which stands proudly in the background, our CBD is a tumultuous blend of life, cultures and rainbow diversity. A rich architectural heritage litters the streets, in the form of towering gothic structures to bright, pastel coloured student residences to the corporate sky scrapers of our ever-growing business sector. From Gardens all the way to Tamboerskloof and beyond, CT Blinds is here to take care of your unique window dressing needs.


Once you decide on the blinds that are most appealing to your needs, give us a call. We will send out one of our qualified personnel to finalise your custom needs and take measurements, before returning to install your chosen blinds and completing the ambiance of the room for you!

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Blinds & Shutters for Sale in City Bowl

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium blinds are by far the most affordable option for vamping up your home or business in the Cape Town City Bowl. They come in a variety of colours and give you full control over how much light you would like to seep into the room. Aluminium blinds are not difficult to use, incorporating basic rotators and drawstrings in the design. These blinds are suitable for any living or office environment, due to being highly energy-efficient. They keep the heat in during Winter and vice-versa in the Summer months. A compelling price combined with the easiest blind maintenance possible could make this the best blind to suite your needs, within a moderate budget. Communicate with an expert at Cape Town Blinds today to get yourself cost-effective and tailor-made Aluminium Blinds!

Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for a sophisticated, eco-centred style, you will want to consider our Wooden Venetian Blinds for any property located in the Cape Town City Bowl. House-warming in Winter and cooling in Summer, these blinds conserve energy with optimum efficiency. Brilliant, clean lines and available also in white and woody tones, this blind is a classic option for organic interior design. Coated in some weather-proof varnish, you can keep it clean easily and not need to fuss over the seasonal changes renowned in the Cape. In fact, these blinds will an exceptional length of time if looked after properly, possibly even able to outlive you… Customisable to your needs, Cape Town Blind has got this covered! All you need to do is arrange a consultation and we will take of the rest, fret not.

vertical blinds Strand

Vertical Blinds

This choice of blind is very stylish and definitely the first go-to for any Cape Town City Bowl business or home office. Not only appealing in the office however, they can add a lovely modern finish to any space. Available in diverse colours to accommodate our diverse city and inhabitants, the vertical properties of these blinds make the windows seem taller and more slender! Very easy to tailor to your needs, these versatile blinds can be styled to the left or right or even centre of any door or window. As with most of our blinds, they are energy-efficient and easy to maintain, saving time and costs for all our clients. Order yours today, don’t delay!

Roman Blinds

If you are picky about not only the colour of the blinds you want, but also the materials used, consider opting for our Roman Blinds, which are tailored to suite all Cape Town City Bowl properties. Probably this feature of our Roman Blinds makes them the best option for individuals who want a unique home or business setting. They can be made to fit any window and are fully able to trap the warmth or cool in, depending on the season. One of the best qualities of Roman Blinds is despite their name, they have a timeless quality, leaving them fashionable over and above all fads and current trends. They work with a very simple drawstring method and are simple to use. Create a unique space today and order Roman Blinds with Cape Town Blinds!

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Have you got elements of bamboo in your humble abode in the City Bowl of Cape Town and looking for that perfect complement to fit the windows? That’s where Bamboo Roller Blinds are the best possible fit for your living environment! Light weight and emanating a naturalness of exotic origins, these blinds will be able to block the light out for a very long time and have a great life-span. What makes them different to other bamboo blinds is the fact that they do not have slits between the bamboo slats. This helps them to be wiped clean very quickly and gives them a more stable structure with far less chance of wear and tear. Message us for custom made Bamboo Blinds as soon as possible!

Plantation shutter Strand


If you really need something even beyond a WOW factor, something highly enchanting and yet including all the functionality in the world, Shutters are the way forward for you, especially in the Cape Town City Bowl. Customisable to a tee, select if you want them in wood, bamboo or aluminium, your size and shape as well as the colour to best match your interior design scheme! Shutters may come in handy if you are worried about crime in the CBD, as they are able to completely replace burglar bars with added security and class. They are energy-efficient, insulating the house and if they come from Cape Town Blinds, they will last longer than you will. Elevate your interior right now and give us a call to make an appointment!

City Bowl Blinds & Shutters Reviews

After recently moving into City Bowl, we contacted Cape Town Blinds to help us with finding blinds that fit our windows. They were very courteous and helped us through the entire process, keeping us up to date the entire time. I highly recommend them if you’re buying blind and shutters in City Bowl

We hired Kyle and the Cape Town Blinds team to add custom plantation shutters to our washroom. They provided great service and an amazing product, great job guys!

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