How to Choose the Best Blinds for Your Bathroom

Which blinds are best for bathrooms? There’s no single answer to this question. The bathroom may be one of the most difficult rooms to choose a blind. Making the wrong decision may result in premature damage and a waste of money. The top things to consider when selecting bathroom blinds are high moisture and privacy.
There are options available for you and it’s best that you know about them now before you buy anything. Let’s look at them.

Faux Wood or Vinyl Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a good choice when you want privacy and ability to filter the light passing though. However, using real wood is a huge no-no because they may warp or buckle in the future. Venetian blinds made of vinyl can resist both moisture and heat, making them a durable option. You can still have blinds that look like wood. Vinyl can duplicate the look of wood while still having the same moisture-resisting property.

Faux Wood or Vinyl Shutters

Shutters also provide the same privacy and light control as venetian blinds. Where venetians look more modern, shutters give a continental and traditional feel. If you want your bathroom to have a timeless design, then shutters are for you. Use vinyl or wood-looking vinyl to combat moisture problems experienced when using real wood.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a cheaper alternative. They are also lighter and easier to operate. The trick with roller blinds is to use the correct fabric. For privacy, you should go for a block-out fabric that blocks off the view completely. If you want a bit of translucency, still choose one with a high opacity of around 80 percent. As for the fabric material, ask your supplier for a PVC or acrylic-coated fabric and treated with antifungal solution so it won’t mold easily.

Vertical Blinds

When the design of your bathroom includes large and tall windows, you may opt for vertical blinds. The blinds operate in such a way that the slats go sideways to open, which is less tedious than blinds that roll upwards. The blades can also rotate, allowing you to control light penetration and privacy.

As with roller blinds, the important consideration for vertical blinds is fabric choice. You should opt for acrylic-coated fabric or do away with fabric and use PVC slats instead. As long as the material is durable and is moisture-resistant, they are safe to use for bathrooms.

What to Avoid

As I mentioned earlier, avoid using real wood, whichever type of blind you choose. Also avoid designs that are fabric dependent such as curtains and roman blinds. You can still use them if you really have constricted budget, just remember that you have to remove and wash them more often.

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