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The Cape Flats is another broad suburb of Cape Town that Cape Town Blinds extends its services out to. Certainly an integral part of the many events and monuments which form the basis of South African heritage, this area has an enriched sense of Cape culture. Cape Town Blinds offers affordable blind solutions from assisting you with finishing off your professional company’s appearance or just to install a little bit of privacy in your home – we hold only your best interests at heart.

Cape Town Blinds will take a turn to where ever you are in the Cape Flats. Just book an appointment, talk to us about your design requirements and let us do the rest! It’s as simple as making a phone call – or just leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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Shutters & Blinds in Cape Flats

aluminium venetian blinds commercial

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Very practical and a very stylish blind solution, Aluminium Blinds can complete the look of your Cape Flats property down to a tee. Especially pertinent if you have a minimal budget, these blinds will help you to save further costs on electricity, because they are energy efficient. In Summer, they keep in the cool and in Winter, they trap all the heat inside, making them highly desirable! Keep tabs on the light in the room with simple drawstrings and rotators. You do not need to spend lots of time on keeping it clean, as it only needs to be dusted down from time to time. You can enjoy these blinds in a selection of gorgeous colours too. Don’t delay, make your order today!

wooden blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you need a more natural feeling to liven up your work place in the Cape Flats, while still maintaining a look of professionalism, Wooden Blinds are the way to go! Not only for businesses though, these blinds will save any home owner on their electricity bills thanks to providing great insulation. They are coated in a weather resistant varnish which will allow these Wooden Blinds to last for many moons ahead. Fully tailored to the right fit for your windows, the blind comes in white and all colours that spell “wood”. Don’t even begin to worry about cleaning these, it’s as simple as dusted and done! Brighten up your home or workplace today and arrange an appointment with Cape Town Blinds.

faux wood vertical blinds cape town

Vertical Blinds

Simply the top of the line in office elegance, vertical blinds are to-date a very popular choice for home makers and business owners in the Cape Flats. They are easy to care for, being made from conveniently washable materials and come in a great selection of colours! In the Summer, they are especially sought after, keeping the cooler air trapped inside the room. You decide how you want them, to the left, right or centre and can happily control the amount of light in the room at any given moment. Give Cape Town Blinds a call and have us customise these Vertical Blinds to suite your window needs!

residential roman blinds cape town

Roman Blinds

If you are on the hunt in the Cape Flats for the blinds to match a difficult room, our Roman Blinds may well be what you are looking for. Extremely adaptable to any space, you can select the fabric and colour you want to make your room an aesthetic success! Roman Blinds not only look good, but they stand the test of time and don’t ever go out of fashion. They are not complicated to use and can keep your home cosy during the freezing Winter months. As suited to the space as you make them, they can be fitted to any window shape or size. Just make a booking and let us do the work!

made to measure outdoor bamboo roller blinds

Bamboo Roller Blinds

The best natural tailor-made options for eco-friendly interior design in the Cape Flats, our Bamboo Roller Blinds have got you covered! Especially if you already have elements of bamboo in your home, these blinds can just add that compelling last touch to the setting. Bamboo is beautiful and light-weight, making it a pleasure to use in your day to day. Our Bamboo Blinds can fully block out light as they have no gaps between the slats. This is a feature that makes our Bamboo Blinds unique, far more durable and simply a pleasure to wipe clean. Complete your homes look with just a phone call today and get the Bamboo Blinds that will send you straight to Bohemia!

custom plantation shutters cape town


If security in the Cape Flats is a major concern for you and burglar bars depress you, install some Custom Shutters. You will never look back! These business and home protectors also convey the height of sophistication and elegance and are sure to boost the status of any room they’re placed in. You can save costs on energy bills as they provide you with ultimate control on temperature, light and even sound. Fully tailored to your needs, Cape Town Blinds offers a large variety of materials and colours for you to choose from. Order your Custom Shutters today and level-up your interior design scheme!

What our Cape Flats Clients Say

We purchased several sets of custom blinds from Cape Town Blinds and were happily surprised by the quality and durability of the blinds. The installation process was very fast, they came in and had everything up within what felt like 30 mins.

We have purchased several custom shutters and blinds from Cape Town Blinds in the past and they have consistently delivered great results and a friendly service each and every time.

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