How to Clean Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are great window coverings for homes and businesses. However, it is also one of the hardest to clean, compared to other types of blinds. They have many small slats and they are hard to take down and reinstall. Don’t worry though, here are some quick steps on how to make them looking new again. This is a good read for those who already own these type of blinds or those who are planning to buy them.

Regular Cleaning

It is important to clean your blinds regularly, around once or twice a week, to minimize the number of times you need to deep clean. I will discuss deep cleaning in the next section.

Feather Duster

  1. Pull down the blinds all the way.
  2. Rotate the slats up and then dust with a duster.
  3. Rotate the slats down and then dust.

Cloth or Cotton Gloves

  1. Pull down the blinds all the way.
  2. Hold each slat in between the cloth or glove and wipe from one end to the other.
  3. Do this on all slats
  4. Avoid putting too much pressure to prevent damage

Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Pull down the blinds all the way.
  2. Rotate the slats up and vacuum the slats very lightly using a soft brush attachment. Repeat on other side.

Cleaning Solution for Slats with Stains

  1. Spray slat with cleaning solution
  2. Wait for a minute or two
  3. Wipe slat with cloth

Venetian Blind Cleaner

It is like a prong, with double, or multiple sponges, allowing you to clean many slats at the same time.

  1. Pull down the blinds all the way
  2. Wipe the slats from one end to another

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is needed at some point for areas that are hard to reach when doing regular cleaning. Also some dirt will accumulate over time and only deep cleaning can remove it.
Remove the blinds from the window with a screwdriver. Make sure to check user manual and have someone help you do it.

Take the blinds outside and lay it on a clean surface like a blanket or tarp. They should be fully extended with slats closed. Do this one blind at a time.

  1. If you have limited space you can lay the blinds on your bathtub. Make sure you do it one at a time.
  2. Mix cleaning solution to one bucket of water according to manufacturer instructions. You can use car shampoo or vinyl cleaning products.
  3. Pour the bucket of cleaning solution on the blind, making sure all slats are wet.
  4. Scrub the slats carefully using a soft brush or sponge.
  5. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Rinse off all soap thoroughly using a hose.
  7. Remove all excess water from the blinds using a mop and towels.
  8. Bring blinds inside (or outside your bathtub to another room) and lay flat on a towel.
  9. Wait for it to dry completely before reinstalling.