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Cape Town Blinds has an exclusive range of custom blind options for those who stay in the sunny area of Vredehoek. Despite being such a small area, Vredehoek is the peaceful home to many citizens of Cape Town’s large variety of people. From Art Deco styled flats to modern homes in this little nook of Cape Town, dress the windows of your abode in a way that caters to your needs and gives you maximum privacy.

All you need to do is contact us and decide on the best custom blinds or shutters for your premises. We will then arrange to view where the blinds are to be installed and install them in a follow up appointment. It’s as easy as dialling our number!

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Shutters and Blinds for Sale in Vredehoek

cape town aluminium blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

If you have a tight budget in Vredehoek and are looking for the most affordable custom made blinds to suit your needs, Cape Town Blinds recommends you go for Aluminium Blinds. These are one of the most popular choices, as our Aluminium Blinds are cost-effective, come in an attractive assortment of colours and will save you on your energy bills! That also means they will keep the flat cool in Summer and warmer in Winter, providing decent insulation. Aluminium blinds are also winners in terms of maintenance, only requiring a wipe every now and then to keep clean. Contact Cape Town Blinds for your Blind solution today!

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Could you imagine your home in Vredehoek with stylish wooden venetian blinds that add a beautiful natural finish to it? The professionals at Cape Town Blinds can, and do! Choose from a stylish selection of trendy woody hues and allow us to install a classic timeless blind that will provide you with privacy for years to come. While Wooden Blinds add to the natural feel of a room without demoting class, they are also excellent at keeping your house cool in Summer and warm in Winter. One only need dust them down to prevent dust build up. Send us a message or dial our number to fit your windows immediately.

vertical blinds Strand

Vertical Blinds

Sometimes the sunshine in the peace-bearing named area of Vredehoek can get a bit bright. Cape Town Blinds can help you to drown it out with our exceptional custom made vertical blinds. These blinds are available in a great myriad of urban colours to match any apartment, office or home windows. Use your imagination and dress whatever archways or even door frames you like. Vertical blinds will help to save energy and keep those bills down in the Winter time too. The simple and stylish appeal of vertical blinds is a favourite by many in Cape Town, who appreciate the services of Cape Town’s number one blind specialists – contact us immediately to place your order!

cape town roman blinds

Roman Blinds

If you live in Vredehoek, you won’t find any other more free deal than choosing your own unique Roman Blinds from Cape Town Blinds. What makes these blinds so amazing to our customers is that they can choose any fabric they would like and have us make up the interior of their dreams in the blinking of an eye! The timeless design of roman blinds never goes out of fashion and will improve with your property as years go by. These blinds also act as great insulators and are energy efficient. Decorate with the precise feel you want by getting in touch with Cape Town Blinds today – we are just one phone call away!

cape town custom bamboo blinds

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Do you need a slice of Bohemia in your humble Vredehoek abode or casual café? Cape Town Blind’s is offering a one-of-a-kind custom bamboo roller blind exactly to fulfil your request. Choose from a selection of light and breezy bamboo hues and never worry about cleaning – these blinds are built without gaps between slats, ensuring convenient maintenance and durability. One of the biggest benefits of bamboo is that it is lightweight. Simply roll them up or down depending on your mood for the day. Cape Town Blind’s is always there to take your call and install the best blinds for your interior needs – contact us immediately.

Plantation shutter Strand


The windows of the best looking houses in Vredehoek are decorated not with blinds, but with sophisticated shutters. Cape Town Blind’s is offering something a degree better: tailor made shutters! Have your most classy combination made up of either wood or metal, in any colour and in any shape or size. Shutters give you the best control over your interior too, allowing maximum light and sound to be kept outside. They also act as a great form of security, allowing you to dispose with outdated burglar bars. Get your fancy on and order some high class shutters from Cape Town Blinds ASAP.

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Great service, high quality blinds and expert knowledge. The Cape Town Blinds guys are a dream team when it comes to blinds and shutters.

Kyle’s team at Cape Town Blinds provided fast, efficient and reliable work and communication when we hired them to do our blinds in our Vredehoek office.

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