If customization ranks highly on your list, then roman blinds are definitely the way to go. No matter what design approach you’re aiming for, roman shades gives you a number of options that would match your every need.

Why Roman Blinds?

Fully customizable

You can think of a number of fabrics and designs that would match the different rooms around your home or place of business, and we can definitely provide you with that. Because of the way roman blinds work, they can be easily customized to fit anyone’s design needs and can even be made according to your specific window measurements.

Convenient to use

Roman window blinds are very easy to use, and can completely cover any window or door that lets any unnecessary hot or cold air in.

Timeless and elegant

One of the biggest advantages of using roman shades is the fact that they have a timeless and elegant look that will surpass and transcend any passing trend.


Depending on the fabric and material you choose, you can control the energy you use. With the right thickness or thinness of fabric, you can fully block out excess heat or cold from outside.

You could be hunting for ready-made roman blinds, or are hoping to get your hands on some made-to-measure roman blinds. No matter what it could be, we have every kind of blinds you could be looking for.

If you want access to some of the best roman blinds in Cape Town, you are definitely going the right direction. Contact us and let us know what you need, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the best solutions.

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Roman Blind Clients

We hired Cape Town Blinds to build custom blackout roman blinds for our kid’s bedrooms. They worked like a charm and look great as well. I highly recommend using them for their great service and fantastic product.
– Tina E

We were looking for roman blinds made to measure for our awkwardly shaped bathroom windows. Cape Town Blinds came in, took the measurements and had the perfect roman blinds made for our bathroom. Great job guys!
– Diana P

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