8 Different Types of Blinds You Should Know About

Window blinds are becoming a popular standard for every home in Cape Town. They create a different impact on your home when you have them. However, there are so many kinds to choose from. Don’t know where to start? This guide will help you.

1. Vertical Blinds

These are slats that hang from the top track going all the way to the bottom. These are perfect for large windows and sliding doors. The slats angles are adjustable, letting you control how much light can come in.

2. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are much more convenient for smaller windows, and are popular for home, office and commercial use. They are easy to maintain and are affordable. They come in a variety of fabric and plastic material, as well as different levels of transparency. Blackout blinds won’t allow light to come it.

3. Combination Blinds

Combination blinds are a type of roller blinds in function but has a striped combination of solid and sheer fabric. When you roll it in different ways, the translucency of the blind varies. This is currently a popular and in demand trend for homes and apartments.

4. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds give a more classic look to your bedroom or living room. The way they fold up and the fabric material gives a room a warm and cozy feeling. Behind the folds are combinations of pockets, chords and dowels.

5. Venetian Blinds

These are made of horizontal slats that stack up to one another when pulled up. The slats can also be rotated to minimize visibility and light passing through. They are available in metal and plastic. Although these were popular back in the day, this type of blind is here to stay.
Timber venetian blinds are more expensive but give that luxurious look on your window. They are also more durable.

6. Mini Blinds

These are smaller versions of venetian blinds, wherein the slat width is half as small. Also available in different colours and textures, they have a sleek look that is fitting for contemporary and industrial interiors.

7. Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb shades have a different kind of fold. They do not separate like horizontal slats do. The combs trap air inside it, making it good sound and thermal insulators. They are flexible in terms of installation and the short distance of its folds create a softer look.

8. Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are louvered designs in wood or vinyl material. These fit well in traditional or country-style homes. They also look good in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They can swing open from the centre of the window or bi-fold. Best of all, they are known to increase the value of your home.

These are the common types of window blinds used today. As a general guide, bigger slats give you a more traditional look. Using metal and aluminum material makes a modern statement. Choose neutral colours for a timeless effect.

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